Survive Ransomware

Why you need to be concerned about ransomware...

Since the beginning of the pandemic, ransomware has exploded 600% (PurpleSec) and its hitting healthcare hard. Do you have enough cyber risk protection? Are you sure? Does your IT Vendor have your back? How do you know? If you answered “no” or “I’m not sure” to these questions, your practice is at increased risk for a ransomware attack.

Like personal protective equipment (PPE), you need layers of security protection when it comes to protecting your practice and safeguarding patient information. Did you know patient information is worth more on the dark web than your financial information?

The estimated cost of a patient record on the dark web varies from a low as $250 (Trustwave) to as much as $1000 per record (Experian). It all depends how much information is contained in each record. Dental records not only contain personally identifiable information and medical history data but also include medical/dental insurance information including the guarantor’s data. Are you prepared to notify your patients as well as the Office of Civil Rights?

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