This year give yourself peace of mind, save thousands of dollars in legal fees, and help create a recession-proof practice. 

You're officially invited to join the Dental Compliance Institute and our panel of subject matter experts in this must-attend CE event.  We'll address the latest hot topics for 2023 to keep you, your team, and your patients in a financially-protected space.

2023 State of Compliance Address

Jan 19, 2023, 7-9 PM Eastern Time
(US and Canada)

This is a 2 CE credit event.  Register today and receive our bonus gift- a 1-year free membership in our exclusive compliance community.

Other key membership perks include:

  • Access to our extensive online library, jam-packed with updated tools, videos, and more.
  • Consistent networking and support from our dental compliance experts.
  • Exclusive access to our professional emphasis groups (PEG)
  • Bonus access to the DSO round table networking group that represents over 2,000 practices across the US.


Topics and Presenters

M+A: Scale & Integrate Intelligently

Achieving success in Acquisitions, facilitated through comprehensive Pre- & Post-Close Diligence.

Dr. Alison Dengler
Dr. Alison Dengler

Dr. Alison Dengler

Dr. Alison Dengler is an Operational Leader with over twenty years of experience in leadership, eight of which were in the Dental Support Organization (DSO) space. As a subject matter expert in Organizational Leadership & Development, her success lies in her ability to understand the organizational eco-system and its underlying indicators that create impact.

Samantha Strain
Samantha Strain

Samantha Strain

Samantha “Sam” Strain is a multisite healthcare executive, merger and acquisition (M+A) expert, and highly successful entrepreneur. She and her team are known for their early and consistent successes whether working on a project or with a client.

Elizabeth A. Voss, Esq.
Elizabeth A. Voss, Esq.

Little known facts about workplace harassment claims.

Elizabeth A. Voss, Esq.

Elizabeth is an attorney with Dykema where she focuses on clients' workplace issues pertaining to labor and employment, handling employment-related regulatory compliance matters, and litigating claims arising from the employer-employee relationship.

How to avoid legal issues with coding and billing.

Dilaine Gloege, CDA, CPC, Founder and CEO

Dilaine is the founder of Tidewater Dental Consulting where she and her team focus on proactive record audits as well as solving complex coding and billing dilemmas. She is a Certified Dental Assistant and Certified Professional Coder.

Dilaine Gloege, CDA, CPC
Founder and CEO
Dilaine Gloege, CDA, CPC Founder and CEO

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What the Dental Compliance Institute Can Do For Your Practice

If the ever-changing regulatory environment has you questioning your current compliance programs, you’ve come to the right place! The Dental Compliance Institute will elevate your confidence and competence through accurate, timely content and courses in easy to understand formats.

  • Expert Interviews: Recorded audio interviews with industry experts in the areas of OSHA, HIPAA and Risk Management
  • Member Articles: Blogs/Articles that help you unravel and understand regulatory requirements.
  • Closed Cases: Dental compliance and legal cases that illustrate best practices and risk prevention strategies.
  • Private Members Forum: For assistance with compliance, regulatory and risk management questions.
  • Tools and Resources: Suite of free Compliance Tools and Resources to enhance your compliance program.
  • Discounted Course: Member only rates for our HIPAA, OSHA and Risk Management train the trainer courses.

Our 14 Day Promise

We believe that membership of the Institute for Dental Compliance & Risk Management provides incredible value, with expert content, trusted advisors and nationwide networking through our members forum. However if for any reason you feel the membership isn't for you, email without 14 days and we'll refund your payment.

The Importance of Compliance

Since the beginning of the pandemic, regulatory enforcement has accelerated. In 2020, OSHA proposed nearly 4 million dollars in penalties arising from violations relating to coronavirus, some of those penalties included dental offices. In fiscal year 2021, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that it had recovered $5.6 billion from False Claims Act (FCA) cases. As more dental services are covered by Medicare, this has a direct impact on the quality of your recordkeeping. In 2022, eight dental practices and/or DSO’s settled alleged HIPAA violations with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). The largest dental settlements were $80,000 and $62,500, respectively. Situations like these can result in:

  • Loss of reputation 
  • Loss of patient trust
  • Financial consequences of fines or penalties
  • Possible reporting to the dental licensing board with the potential to impact your dental license
  • Plan of correction and possibly monitoring by the enforcement agency

Join the Dental Compliance Institute today! Elevate your compliance, protect your practice, and enjoy peace of mind.

My confidence has increased and self-assurance abounds! Thanks to the Institute for providing this great opportunity for myself and others to grow.

Sherrie Busby, EDDA, CDSO, Corporate Trainer

The Institute made the learning process and implementation easy for me. If I ever needed clarification as I was learning, I could always ask and someone was there to help.

Barb Houser, CDSO, CDSH, Practice Administrator

With the right information we can all make better, more informed decisions that will help to prevent breaches and fines – because really none of us want those headaches do we?!

Cynthia Burstadt, Dental Coach and now CDSH

Dental compliance can be complex and overwhelming, with multiple laws governing your legal responsibility.

There are many sources of information, from books and free courses to guidance passed on secondhand from colleagues. In a regulatory landscape that is ever-changing, with new responsibilities and unknown risks, is this really enough?

Will it ensure your practice is protected from the fines, penalties, and negative press if a complaint is filed against it or if you have a random inspection?


And it certainly won't put you in a position of confident compliance.

What's the alternative?

The path to confidence is knowledge — knowledge gained directly from experts, firsthand. Knowledge that you can trust and depend upon.

At the Institute for Dental Compliance and Risk Management we want to give you the knowledge, skills, and tools to not only tackle the compliance challenges your practice faces today, but the confidence that you'll be able to truly safeguard your practice, your patients, and your team for the future.

Knowledge in Bite-Sized Chunks

Staying up to date with compliance is essential. But do you have time to spend hours trawling through pages of information on Google, or reading books and guides to get the answer to one question? Especially if you're still left with that feeling of whether the answer is right for your specific circumstances?

Our member articles and closed cases are focused and to the point. Our expert interview recordings and more in-depth and perfect for getting immersed in the topic when you have more time - like during your commute.