Opening a New Era in Dental

New Era for Dental Compliance and Risk Management

I’m thrilled to announce a new era for dental compliance and risk management with the launch of the Institute for Dental Compliance and Risk Management (Institute). The Institute is dedicated to providing national certification for dental staff and leadership in order to promote proven compliance practices throughout dentistry.

Increasingly, dental practices are coming under fire from unannounced OSHA inspections, Office of Civil Rights investigations related to HIPAA violations and patient complaints to dental boards. I strongly believe all members of the dental team can be better prepared through compliance credentialing and certification in order to thrive under increasing regulatory scrutiny. Every practice needs someone on staff who can knowledgeably function as a Compliance Officer or Coordinator.

The Institute provides advanced compliance educational programs to meet this need. Unlike traditional continuing education courses, the Institute offers three levels of certification for dental professionals who seek to elevate their knowledge and skills in the areas of OSHA, HIPAA and Risk Management. Course work is designed as a self-paced independent study with credentialing exams coordinated by an independent third party. For more information on how these courses can benefit you and your practice, please visit, Why Professional Certification Matters.