Maintaining Readiness in the Dental Office

There is more to maintaining readiness in the dental office than setting up for the next patient. In my guest post for Patterson Dental’s “Off the Cusp” blog, Maintaining Readiness in the Dental Office, I focus on the 3 P’s of dental compliance readiness.

People, Paperwork and Processes

Maintaining a state of readiness is extremely important in the world of dental compliance. Are you prepared if an unexpected guest drops by your office, such as OSHA, HIPAA, the Drug Enforcement Agency, Medicaid or someone from the state dental board? The compliance strategy I recommend to clients includes the 3 P’s: People, Paperwork and Processes. People refers to your team; paperwork refers to having complete, up-to-date policies and procedures; and process refers to the implementation of your policies and procedures. The 3 P’s align with our vision here at the Institute. We believe that adequately training your team as well as your Compliance Officer or Safety Coordinator ensures that good processes and paperwork follow. For more information on creating or developing a state of compliance readiness, please visit, Why Professional Certification Matters.

I want to thank the folks at Patterson Dental for inviting me to be a guest blogger and for sponsoring my upcoming program, Anatomy of a Compliance Audit at the AADOM meeting next month in San Diego.