Graduate Members

We proudly present the individuals as graduates of either a Level 301 course whose Credentials are in good standing.

Partial listing of graduates in good standing:


Making the decision to continue my personal education with the Institute of Dental Compliance and Risk Management has been one of the best choices of my dental career.  My confidence has increased and self-assurance abounds! Thanks to the Institute for providing this great opportunity for myself and others to grow. — Sherrie Busby, EDDA, CDSO, Corporate Trainer

As the Practice Administrator, my Doctors rely on me to make sure our office is in compliance with HIPAA and OSHA. I gained a better understanding of what HIPAA and OSHA is all about and what the compliance expectations are. The Institute and Linda Harvey made the learning process and implementation easy for me, with classes that could be done at my own pace. If I ever needed clarification as I was learning, I could always ask and someone was there to help. That meant a lot to me. — Barb Houser, CDSO, CDSH, Practice Administrator

I was honored to be in the very first group of graduates from the Institute for Dental Compliance and Risk Management. The course was thorough yet easy to follow in what is a very complicated subject. Thank you for creating this course and helping me better understand how I can better help my teams understand their role in maintaining a HIPPA compliant practice. —Lisa Marie Spradley, the Front Desk Lady

Thank you for the opportunity for HIPAA training. The course assists me to be HIPAA compliant in our practice as well as giving me the necessary education to help my dental clients with their HIPAA compliance.  With the right information we can all make better, more informed decisions that will help to prevent breaches and fines – because really none of us want those headaches do we?!  Dentistry can be overwhelmed with “mis-information” and fluff and I feel your course will help many to get the real story of what is needed. — Cynthia Burstadt, Dental Coach and now CDSH