Manage Risk with the Dental Compliance Institute

dental risk managementHistorically, healthcare risk management has focused primarily on patient-related risk. While patient safety is a top priority, risk is multi-faceted. DCI’s dental risk management course presents a new perspective on the basics and also explores updated principles, such as Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

ERM is the critical connection between your diagnostic and clinical skills and practice management expertise that enables you to effectively identify and/or mitigate a host of risks in an ever-changing environment. In the ERM model, six different risk domains are identified, including patient-related risk. Integrating an ERM approach in your practice enables you to be more comprehensive in the identification, analysis, and mitigation of various risks.

This 8-hour self-paced course reviews the essentials of dental risk management and helps you transition to an ERM model in support of patient safety as well as evolving practice models. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define risk management and its role in your practice
  • Discuss the relationship between risk management and quality improvement
  • Identify and apply the five steps in the risk management process
  • Describe the six Enterprise Risk Management domains
  • Examine and apply healthcare standards and regulations that impact dentistry

Dental Risk Management Courses

Here are the key components of the Dental Compliance Institute’s dental risk management course:

Module I

Introduction and History of Dental Risk Management

Module II

Risk Management and Quality Improvement

Module III

The Risk

Module IV

Enterprise Risk Management

Module V

Risk Management, Healthcare Standards and Regulations

The Advanced Risk Management Course prepares you for the competency exam that is administered by an independent third party. Upon successfully passing the competency exam you will be awarded the Certified Dental Specialist in Risk Management (CDSRM™) credentials

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