Accessibility Policy

Policy Statement

The Institute for Dental Compliance and Risk Management (Institute) recognizes that students have different needs and preferences.  As such, the Institute strives to provide online courses that are accessible and usable by all students who enroll in our courses. Where feasible WCAG 2.0 Level A guidelines were implemented to enhance accessibility. This includes providing documents, videos, and webpages.

Accessibility Standards

The Institute implemented the following accessibility accommodations:

  • Self-paced courses to allow adequate time for review of educational videos, review of course materials including self-check questions and course discussion questions.
  • A Learning Management System (LMS) that is accessible. Click here to view the LMS Accessibility Statement.
  • Educational materials
    • Closed captions on all videos.
    • Videos are no more than 15 minutes in length to facilitate ease of use.
    • Videos are hosted in Vimeo, which is WCAG2 AA compliant:

    • Alternate format of videos is provided via PDF handouts.
    • Course Resources and References are in a PDF format that meet accessibility checks. Click here to view the Adobe Accessibility Statement.
  • Website Accessibility
    • The color of all the hyperlinks and course titles links in the LMS were visually by enhanced to a 4.5 contrast ratio.

Ancillary Aides

Students may elect to use personal ancillary aides to enhance their learning experience including, but not limited to headphones, earbuds, and keyboard controls to enlarge the screen.

Reasonable Accommodations

The Institute encourages students to interact with our office to discuss reasonable accommodations that will ensure equal access to course content. If you require accommodations, please contact us prior to enrolling in a course to discuss available accommodations.

Email: or call: (904) 337-9544.