Is Your Compliance Coordinator Prepared for All the Changes?

COVID-19 impacted HIPAA and OSHA Regulations. Are you still in compliance? Hoping you won’t get caught is not a wise compliance strategy. You may be risking potential HIPAA and OSHA violations and penalties.

In 2020, OSHA proposed nearly 4 million dollars in penalties arising from 295 citations inspections for violations relating to coronavirus. A number of these included dental offices.

In addition, the Office of Civil Rights actively enforced its Patient Right to Access initiative resulting in nineteen significant fines for covered entities who had not provided patients their records within the timeframe required by federal laws.

HIPAA and OSHA regulations were developed to protect your team, your patients and your practice. Speaking of patients, the pandemic also elevated real concerns for patient safety. And now more than ever, knowledge of dental risk management best practices is of utmost importance for the legal protection of every dental practice.

Female dental assistant smiling at stomatology office dentist with patient

Do I Really Need OSHA, HIPAA, and Dental Risk Management Education and Certification?

Do you have all of your OSHA, HIPAA, and risk management bases covered? Answer these five basic questions just to be certain:


Are you a newly appointed Compliance or Safety Officer or have multiple locations?


Are you confident your policy manuals are as up to date as they should be?



Has the Savvy Patient™ visited your office lately? Does that make you uneasy?


Would receiving a complaint or investigative letter make you nervous?


Are you concerned about losing paper documents because you’re not digital?

Is membership or earning a CDSO™, CDSH™ or CDSRM™ right for you?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions,
you should consider the Dental Compliance Institute.

Why Select Dental Compliance Institute Training and Certification?

The Dental Compliance Institute (DCI) is uniquely qualified to ensure that your Compliance Coordinator is fully up to date with the latest, rapidly changing HIPAA and OSHA Regulations and the essentials of dental risk management...but don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials.

DCI was founded in 2014 by Linda Harvey, RDH, MS, HRM, DFASHRM, one of the dental industry’s most respected key opinion leaders on the topics regulatory compliance and risk management. Learn more about the Dental Compliance Institute.

Linda founded DCI with the vision of providing dental professionals with the most up-to-date expertise and training they need to survive and thrive in a heavily regulated industry. Her vision also includes developing confident and competent compliance expert at the practice level.

HIPAA, OSHA, and Risk Management Educational Tracks

The Dental Compliance Institute’s training curriculum is well-rounded and comprehensive. It provides a solid foundation for those new to compliance and elevates knowledge for more experienced compliance professionals.

In addition, our Advanced OSHA course is Recognized by Quality Matters™, a nationally recognized program certifying the quality of online education. DCI programs help you mitigate the many risk factors specific to the practice of dentistry.

Signing up for a DCI course is easy; tuition is affordable, and the value is immense. Achieve heightened confidence with enhanced competence. Learn more about which DCI course is right for you.